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Here is some of what you've missed!


March/April 1986:

March/April 2001:

March/April 2006:

  • Mantua’ HMS Victory kit build
  • A 20ft Sandbagger
  • Open Catboat of 1906
  • Measuring Gauge
  • USS Kidd
  • Modeling the Brig Lexington
  • Ferryboat City of Alexandria
  • Midwest’s Boston Whitehall Tender
  • The Onion and Stern
  • Vittorio Veneto
  • Kirkov Guided Missile Cruiser
  • USS Roanoke battleship forerunner
  • Cutaway Morgan
  • The Howard Steamboat Museum
  • Building the Lobster Boat, Bluejacket Kit
  • Union Pook Turtle USS Cairo
  • Adding a crew to your model
  • Building Model Shipways’ Armed Virginia Sloop
  • HMS Royal Sovereign
  • Midwest’s Peterboro Canoe
  • The USS Texas
  • Tayiya’s Prince of Wales
  • Putting some Roanokes in bottles
  • Customizing Mantua’s San Felipe kit
  • R/C Destoyer Pluckett
  • Kit Review of the Elliott Bay Steam Launch
  • Building Peapods
  • Lizzie J. Cos
  • Model Fittings from Simar
  • The 2005 Foss Cup
  • Dikar’s Hawkins Gunboat
  • La Jacinthe


  • Royal Yacht Fubbs



  • 5th Rate HMS Dianna



  • Miniature Rope



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