Seaways' Ships in Scale New Millenium Edition DVD Set

ONLY $74.95

Pre-order our latest Seaways' Ships in Scale DVD set: The New Millennium Edition! (2000 - 2009)

This DVD set covers everything from Volume XI, Number 1 in January-February, 2000 through Volume XX, Number 6 of November-December, 2009. That's sixty complete issues, with every cover and every page, each reproduced in the original order. That's what we mean by an "archival" reproduction.

There are literally hundreds of articles to read, plans to study, book reviews to consider and kit reviews to start the creative juices flowing.

The DVDs are set up magnificently. Using the same design as our other DVDs, we scanned every cover and page and set it all up in HTML (hyper-text markup language) so that it is compatible with all popular Web browsers on either a PC or a Mac. You can select an issue from the cover photos, shown in one year rows, turn the page to the table of contents, choose an article from the TOC and click on it to get to the article, then just page through it or go back to the beginning. We have also included a copy of our Cumulative Index, so you can print out a list of references from the ten-year collection, using any keyword, name, date, writer or topic you?d like. The custom sets also have a self-start program built in. Very easy to use!

Most of the issues reproduced here have long since been out of print. If we still had them, all sixty would set you back $837 (post-paid, of course!). The DVD set, on the other hand, is an incredible value at $74.95 plus $5 for postage and shipping and handling, plus any applicable tax. For orders to Canada an additional $2 will be added and for all other orders outside the US an additonal $5 will be added.

Placing an Order

On-line ordering on a secure server can be done by clicking on the appropriate link right here:

     Seaways' Ships in Scale New Millennium Edition DVD Set (US Only) $74.95plus $5.00 for S&H

     Seaways' Ships in Scale New Millennium Edition DVD Set (Canada or Mexico) $74.95 plus $7.00 for S&H

     Seaways' Ships in Scale New Millennium Edition DVD Set (Overseas) $74.95 plus $10.00 for S&H

      If you'd like you can mail your payment (checks on US banks or US dollar accounts, money orders, MasterCard or Visa data (number, expiration date, signature) to us at: Seaways Publishing, Inc., PO Box 525,Niwot CO 80544-0525. Finally, you can also phone (beware- we keep very irregular office hours) or Fax your order to us at (888) 798-2194 or you can e-mail the order to me directly at Please split your credit card data into two messages for security. I know you will find the DVDs incredibly useful!

Take care,
P. Michael Kosten
Seaways Publishing, Inc.

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