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This is the site where active shipmodelers of all eras, types and construction material preferences meet to solve problems, share information and guide each other to useful resources. This is also the place where nautical researchers of all persuasions meet to present and locate significant information on how ships were designed, built and operated; again, all eras and types are considered. Historians, archivists, writers, designers and nautical archaeologists are most welcome here.

Workshop tips and ongoing project discussions abound on this list. Members include static and operational shipmodelers and even combat types. Wood scratch-builders from the classical era of sail go shoulder to shoulder with submarine modelers, pond sailers and plastic kit builders. If you're a shipmodeler looking for information, or if you are an information collector and willing to share, this is the place! Subscribers may receive e-mail copies of all messages posted to the list. This is an intermittently moderated list.

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We hope you enjoy participating!

The Archives
Most of the posted messages to the "old" Seaways Shipmodeling List (June, 1995 to Septmber, 2000) found their way here for later perusal. Current List Archivist Paul R. Mitchell , put in a great deal of time on our behalf sorting the messages by subject, date and content for all September 1999 through September 2000 postings. To access the archives, just click on the linked word here, then click on the "Old List Archives"folder to make your choices. The List has been automatically archived on itsYahoo Groups Web site since late 1999.These are the places to look for something you know you read on the list but didn't copy. This is also an excellent place for newcomers to the list to browse before posting their questions, which, helps prevent bad behavior on the part of us old salts!

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