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The US Naval Academy Ship Model Gallery

This is the best visuals home page for shipmodelers on the entire World Wide Web! It is a tour of the best of the model collection at the Naval Academy Museum, including several from the Henry Huddleston Rogers Collection. Dockyard models and prisoner of war bone models are included. Not as good as our magazine photos, of course, but very impressive. The Preble Museum itself is a wonderful treasure, full of artefacts from the very core of American Naval history. Visit here!

The Mariners' Museum, Newport News

One of the very best regional maritime museums in the world, The Mariners' Web page is loaded with goodies regarding their collections and displays, their research offerings and their educational connections. All ship modelers are of course aware of the fact that The Mariners' is the home of the marvelous August Crabtree ship model collection and hosts the periodic renowned Scale Ship Model Competition.

The only site with a 'double-header', Mariners' also offers access to their spectacular Chris Craft Collection, where one can find 90,000 hull cards, 10,000 photos, 50,000 sets of plans and endless catalogs, lists, engine specs and engineering data. A must visit site for the mahogany addicted modeler.

The Peabody Museum

Known to all nautical researchers as the home of the prestigious journal The American Neptune, the Peabody, its collections and its libraries, is an impressive source for all things both nautical and East Coast American. Specializing in documents and artefacts of the China trade, the Peabody is also considered by many to have the premier collection of nautical-maritime paintings and drawings in America. Their Web site includes a large selection of these works of art, both as thumbnails and as full-screen jpegs. A wonderful site!

Mystic Seaport

Probably the most beautiful of all the maritime museums with its captivating seaside location and 'in-house' port, Mystic, with the whaler Charles W. Morgan at anchor in the background and its galleries filled with historically significant small vessels, is a real crowd pleaser. Behind the obvious tourist appeal is a full-service public institution, with educational facilities, plans collections, first rate art galleries and one of the best research libraries in the world. Database access to the basics of each section can be found here.

National Maritime Museum, Greenwich

The world's most prestigious maritime Museum now has an extremely useful Web home page. Separate sections are devoted to 'The Museum' (Maritime Museum, Queen's House, Royal Observatory), 'What's New', 'Visitor Information', 'Research' (including the libraries, plans collections, paid research services, seminars and conferences), 'Education and Interpretation' and 'Events and Exhibitions'. Well worth spending a bit of time here.

The Mary Rose Museum

From Portsmouth, England, we have this wonderful tour of the Mary Rose Museum, complete with the history of this remarkable vessel, the archaeologic recovery process, photos of the ship, the armament, the barber surgeon's gear and much more. Be prepared to stay a while!

The Maritime Museum of Portugal

This very nice addition to the online presence of the world's best maritime museums s is well-worth your time to explore. The home page sections are set up much as are the display rooms in the museum, so we get to chose from such tasty morsels as "The Orient Room", "The Pleasure Craft Room", "The Merchant Navy Room", "The Shipbuilding Room", "The Discoveries Room" and so forth. The graphics and photos are outstanding. We are all well-aware of the Portuguese contribution to exploration and navigation, highlights of which are discussed here. An excellent contribution!

San Diego Maritime Museum

The San Diego Maritime Museum is most well-known as the home port of tall ship Star of India, but she also has the Medea and the Berkeley, educational programs, an elderhostel and a research and history section. The museum newsletter and calendar of events can also be found here. There is an associated modeler's guild.

The USS Salem & the US Naval & Shipbuilding Museum

A very complex site, with the Salem as its centerpiece, we also are introduced to the museum, a great deal of modern navy information, links to a large number of useful sites and the Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships. Clearly the place to begin a US Navy warship project.

New Bedford Whaling Museum

One of the most interesting museums on the East Coast to visit, the Old Darmouth Historical Society's New Bedford Whaling Museum boast about the best collection of American whaling artifacts to be found anywhere, and its walk-aboard reconstruction of a very large scale whaler, the Lagoda, is spectacular! The web site gives a very nice, brief over-view of the short history of American whaling and a dictionary of nautical terms as well as a nice tour of the museum.

Granville Island Model Ships Museum
A new museum, with a large and varied collection of models of coastal work boats, sailing vessels and warships, dedicated to the preservation of the rich Canadian maritime history.The pride of the pack is their 13' foot model of HMS Hood.

Nautical Research Sites

Nautical Research Guild, Inc.

The Guild's mission statement say it all: "The Nautical Research Guild has been linking researchers, collectors, and builders of the highest quality ship models for fifty years. Members share a common dedication to learning about ships and maritime history through academic research, as applied and expressed in the process of ship model building."

Pictures of United States Ships, 1775-1941

This is a magnificent graphics archive from the National Archives and Records Administration in Washington, DC, containing images of every conceivable type of vessel and from every era. There are copies of ship paintings from the start of the Revolution, images of important models and photos of battleships on the eve of WWII-and everything in between! Copies of the images, as photos or slides, may be obtained from the institution.

Department of the Navy Historical Center

This is a very deep and broad site, with at least a hook into everything available about the U.S. Navy. There are frequently asked questions answered, sections for history and publications, photos and paintings available, histories of individual vessels and much more. An extremely useful site.

The Dictionary of American Fighting Ships (DANFS)

DANFS is reported to be the foremost reference regarding US naval vessels. Filling eight volumes, it gives histories for virtually every US naval vessel. To make DANFS accessible to a larger number of people, we are putting selected ship histories online through this site. Currently the online collection includes over 1600 ship histories, and more are being added.

Other Maritime Sites

The Lady Washington-Revisiting Our Maritime Heritage"

This is a very nice review of the purpose and function of this full-size replica of the 1788 brig Lady Washington, the first ship to explore the Pacific Northwest. Very good photos of the ship can also be found here.

U.S. Brig Niagara

Here we find an introduction to the history of the 1812 battles on Lake Erie, a brief bio of Commodore Perry, the reconstruction of the brig itself and the current sailing schedule. There are also many useful nautical-maritime links.

The Irish Famine Ship (Replica) Jeanie Johnston

The site details the history of the vessel, the progress of the replica construction and the planning of the maiden voyage, scheduled for Autumn, 1999. The ship is a triple-masted barque and will be sailing from Tralee to Baltimore. Pretty interesting stuff!

Mark Rosenstein's Sailing Page

A very long list of choices and hyper-text links awaits you here. Although primarily designed for sailing types, there is a huge selection of maritime museums, nautical libraries and institutions and even nautical fiction selections. There is even a link to Lars Bruzelius' "Nautical Documents! (Sooner or later, everything connects on the Web.)

Schoonerman: Schooners & Tall Ships

This interesting and eclectic home page is a nautical dilettante's day dream and an archivist's nightmare! It is a very large, very un-focused collection of a little about everything related to sailing vessels (and to a lesser extent, powered vessels). There are bios and pics of restored and reconstructed historical vessels, long lists of sea art and ship photos, extensive sections on lighthouses, sailing rigs, boat building, maritime museums and even a very badly researched "Save the "Constellation" section. All in all, I love it!

Pitcairn Island Web Site

Everybody is into the Web Home Page business, even the fifty families on Pitcairn Island! If you're doing work on HMS Bounty, this will be an interesting stopping point for you, more from the human interest point of view than the hard data source material, but there are some useful links.

Shipmodeling Clubs and Organizations

Bay Area Electric Boaters

This is the Web home of the Tampa Bay (Florida) group, complete with pictures of models from their regattas and exhibits. There is also a nice selection of links to other boating and modeling sites. (Note: A very slow download!)

Military Modelers Club of Louisville

A not-for-profit plastic modelers club promoting the plastic model hobby.

Mini Marine International

"A circle of friends", originating in the Netherlands, devoted to the promotion of model making as a hobby, featuring smaller naval vessels of all periods and countries. The ships are mostly modern and mostly operational.

Ship Model Society of Northern New Jersey

This is the high-powered site of a high-powered club. Included here are meeting and membership information, a copy of the club newsletter "Broadaxe", links of interest, NRG conference updates, a model gallery and a 'Hints and Tips' section. A very professional site!

Ship Modelers Association

This premiere Southern California modeling club has a primo site chock full of goodies: the club calendar, info re: the annual Southern California modeling conference, a famous ships guide, useful links, a classified exchange and "The Tip of the Month". Worth a visit!

International R/C Warship Club

This club is dedicated to sharing information regarding the battling of 1/144 scale radio-controlled warships, each quipped with BB gun cannon. Includes model photos, building tips, etc. These models, mostly of 1/32" thick balsa, do sink!

Friends of the Schooner Model Society

This group is dedicated to the building and sailing of muti-masted sailing vessels, radio-controlled. Vessles are mostly historic. Interesting stuff!

International Radio-Controlled Warship Combat Club, Allied Side

The title says it all! Info on events, gun construction, photos and an e-mail forum.

Allied R/C Combat Club

A rather chatty site including events, photos, research links in the same venue as above.

Hampton Roads Ship Model Society

A club whose purpose is to provide a forum for those interested in the modeling of ships, ranging from artistic representations (e.g. a ship in a bottle) to highly detailed and historically accurate scale reproductions.

South Bay Model Shiprights Club

SBMS is a Silicon Valley club focusing on static scale ship models but all forms of ship modelling are of interest. Wood is the primary medium, but many materials such as plastic, paper, card stock, resin have been used in our models. Scratch and kit builders are welcome. If you wish to join us, contact one of the club president Jean Eckert, 1623 Ben Roe, Los Altos, CA 94024; (650)964-0561.

Scale Model Boats

For those of you who insist upon attaching motors to things, here's the start of a very nice page devoted to model boating. Tools needed, retailers available, personal model photos and hypertext links to related sites can all be found here. Give it a try.

The Home of the Big Gun R/C Warship Combat

If you are a modern era warship modeler and little bit crazy, you may want to join these fellows at "Big Gun", where they build scale operational models of their favorite ships, at large scale- models are four to six feet long- then try to blow them apart with operating guns firing 1/4" diameter steel balls! This is really an infesting site to visit, especially for us static modeling wooses.

Ships and Bottles

From Russia with love comes bottle modeler Artem Popov's very nice home page. It includes a brief description of how ship models get into bottles, plus lots of thumbnail graphics of bottle ships, both his own and others from around the world. There are also nice links to other shipmodeling and nautical sites. A well-designed site that is quite pleasant to visit!

U.S. Vintage Model Yacht Group

The history of pond sailing model yachts is presented here, with special emphasis on the venerable "Marblehead" Yacht. Vintage yacht construction methods are reviewed and sailing techniques discussed, including R/C. Information on joining the Group is available here also.

R/C Boating Index Page

This site is devoted to radio control boating and hopes to index all of the related sites on the Web. It has lists of and links to R/C clubs both in power and sail, including subs, PT boats and general military sub-classes. A very good resource!

The Cyberspace Model Yacht Club

Dave Mainwaring's home page describing his e-mail forum for operational modelers of all types (that is, models of all types)- sail, steam, electric. Lots of info on construction and operation, books and links.

Task Force 72

Here we have the home page of the Association of Australia's 1:72 Scale Warship Modeler's, builders of very large scale modern warships. The site has Association information and schedules, reports of models being built, some photos (not enough!) and good links to other nautical maritime sites. Plans, fittings and hulls will soon be offered by the Association for this class of vessel.

Welcome to the World of Scale Model Boating

This is Chuck Zendner's step-by-step manual for the would-be power boat modeler. It covers kit selection, construction, fitting out, power supplies and operation. Chuck deals mostly with modern warships and combat boats. A very nice homepage from a very good modeler.

The SubCommittee

The leading submarine modeling dedicated organization presents this very nice Web site, dealing with both static and R/C operational models. Lots of photos of models, info about the club's magazine and both announcements for and descriptions of shows and regattas. Very nice site!


Warship kit modelers will be very pleased with this very elaborate site, devoted largely to British and Canadian modern steel vessels. There are kit  reviews, building tips, construction articles, photos of models and their full-size counterparts and a good deal more. Lots of useful research links for the genre.

Towboat Joe's Western Rivers Workboats

Here is an odd and focused collection of river tug and towboat models in various scales by a professional modeler which is worth stopping at if this is the type of vessel you are researching.

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